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Understanding running
2 min read

To run is to associate yourself with your origins. We have been running for centuries now. It is...

What is fitness?
2 min read

Fitness can be defined as the capability to perfo--rm a specific task with a desired minimum...

Maiden FUN RUN!

Running isn't tiring, it's fun. Join us for a fun-filled session where we will teach you the basics of running and would then make you run in a way that you will fall in love with it! And refreshments on us!

7:00 AM             Sunday, 20th Dec

We at Frimper believe that every individual out there is an athlete. And everyone has the right to be healthy, to be fit, for being all of that is fun. Frimper allows you to have the freedom to choose your activity - HIIT or swimming, we don't care - at your time and just get a go at it. No long term commitments like memberships and no bondage to one particular activity. Exciting, right?

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